Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming Burns by Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben discusses how the global financial industry is a key driver in sustaining the fossil fuel economy.

Climate change to cause frequent landslides in the Himalayan region, including Nepal, says NASA by Chandan Kumar Mandal in The Kathmandu Post
An added consequence of climate change in mountain countries.

दैलेखमा पेट्रोलियम अन्वेषण : ड्रिल गर्ने कार्य तिहारपछि मात्र – गोरखापत्र नेपाल
Nepal government’s reckless and controversial plan to drill for oil gets postponed.

Who is Disha Ravi, the climate activist arrested by Delhi police? by Vijayata Lalwani for
Bengaluru-based climate-activist was arrested in India this week for speaking up for Indian farmers.

Women are seen as victims in the fight for climate justice, and that needs to change by Prasiddhi Shrestha for the Record
“By focusing our attention on women as victims, we have effectively taken the conversation away from the potential that these very women have as agents of change.”

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