Digo Bikas Institute and Power Shift Nepal organized two virtual discussions on the topic related to oil drilling, as Nepal is in the process of exploring oil and starting oil drilling with technical assistance from the Government of China. First virtual discussion was on the topic “Impacts of Fracking” where scientist and activist Esteban G. Servat shared his global experience of the fracking technology for oil extraction, how communities can be displaced and how the water and land will be polluted in the name of the oil extraction. He also encouraged youth and activists to advocate to prevent the possible serious impact on the people, land and water. The second virtual sharing session was focused on “Mining and Oil extraction impact” where Dr. Esther Figuero, filmmaker, environment and social injustice activist shared her experience from Jamaica. She shared how  the community was impacted by the mining project and further shared the story of resistance from the community against the mining company and the government.

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