Online actions were organized in global solidarity to fight inequality and called on business, government and civil society leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) to urgently address climate change and inequality.

Abhishek Shrestha, Program Director, DBI, stressed that the same economic system that has given rise to and thrives on inequality has also created the problem of climate change and mentioned that the fight for climate justice is a fight against inequality. He further added the dominant global economic system involves profit-driven extraction, production, and trade that is heavily dependent on fossil fuel energy and the main reason for the global greenhouse emission and climate crisis. He called on everyone to Act Now on Climate Justice and stressed that tackling the climate crisis and inequality must go hand in hand. Sarah Ranabhat, Nepal Climate Convergence alumni stated that the most responsible for climate change i.e. corporations and the wealthy, industrialized countries should do their fair share to solve the climate crisis and meet their obligations to enable people and communities to deal with its impacts. Participants of the online action chanted 1. Fight inequality and 2. Act for climate justice now.

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