Digo Bikas Institute and Nari Chetna Kendra organized 5 workshops on Climate Change, Climate Change and Gender and cooperatives to more than 200 women leaders of 27 women led cooperatives of Bhakundebesi, Banepa, Chalal, Panchkhal and Panauti in Kavre district in May and June 2019.

The workshops had presentation on Climate Science, sharing from participants on their experience on change in rainfall patterns, drying of water sources, loss in agricultural productivity and increased drudgery to woman. Jony Mainaly from DBI led the session on Climate Change and Gender, Abhishek Shrestha from DBI led the session on understanding climate change, Srijana Poudel from Nari Chetna Kendra led the Session on the Cooperatives and its lending on different sectors and how are members of cooperatives being impacted by the climate Change and Srijana Poudel from NCK, Nipun Regmi and Shail Shrestha from DBI facilitated the group work.

Four groups were divided and had group discussion and presented on:
1. What are the Sectors where Cooperatives is lending?
2. What are the activities carried by the Cooperatives?
3. What are the Sectors where Cooperative did lending 10 years ago?
4. What are the climate impacts faced by the women members of Women led Cooperatives?

Nari Chetna Kendra and Digo Bikas Institute will be conducting research on one of the most impacted women led co-operatives in each of the cluster where workshop on Climate Change and Gender was organized. Research aims to understand how Women led Cooperatives are building resilience to Climate Change and will work further to engage women in the local climate and environment policy making process main stream gender perspective in Climate Change programs and establish grassroot women led cooperatives as one of the stakeholder for the climate finance in Nepal.