On 28th March 2019 Digo Bikas Institute in partnership with Nari Chetna Kendra organized “learning and sharing visit” at Ganesthan Nari Chetna Kendra Cooperative, Chalal. Total 59 participants attended the sharing program of which 16 were members from Dhapsung Women’s group.

Program started with Sharing from members from Ganesthan Nari Chetna Kendra Cooperative. They shared their story of struggles, setting up of Ganesthan cooperative, their lending stories, newly built cooperative building and their present capital.

They also added Ganesthan Nari Chetna Kendra Cooperative was pivotal in women empowerment and engagement of women in leadership role and decision making in Chalal. During the sharing, Secretary of Dhapsung women’s group Thanked members of Ganesthan, for their sharing, which have motivated them further to functionalize women’s group of Dhapsung. President of the Dhpasung’s Women’s group mentioned that they lacked commitment and time dedication from the members to operationalize the Mother’s group.

Learning and Sharing visit boosted the confidence of member’s of Dhapsung Mother’s group and are eager to operationalize Dhaspung Mother’s group effectively.

On the next day of the visit, members of Dhapsung Mothers group joined the “ experience sharing and interaction programme with Cooperative’s Leaders of Nari Chetna Kendra. Radhika Ghimire, Sahara Nari Chetna Sipmulak Cooperative, Gamala Tamang, Pipal Dama Samuha, Manju Acharya Ghimire, Tukucha Nari Chetna Cooperative, Nala and Mandira Subedi from Indreshwor Cooperative, Panauti Shared their journey and leaderships role in their respective Cooperative. This is an effort of DBI to empower Dhapsung Mother’s group to build Dhapsung as a self reliant village and showcase the success of community owned solar micro grid operated by Mother’s group nationally and globally.

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