On the occasion of the World Bicycle Forum 2020, a virtual side event on the Sharing Program among the Local Government of Province 1 on Sustainable Urban Mobility was organized by Digo Bikas Institute with Pack and Pedal, a bicycle shop. Virtual sharing program which took place on Monday 21st September, 2020 was attended by Mr. Bhim Parajuli, the Mayor of Biratnagar Metropolitan City, Dwarik Lal Chaudhary, Mayor, Itahari, Sub-Metropolitan City, Ms. Bhoj Kumari Nepal, Deputy Mayor of Shiva Satakshi Rural Municipality, Som Nath Neupane, Chairperson of the Jhapa District Coordination Committee and Khadga Pariyar, Chairperson of the Udaypur District Coordination Committee. The meetingĀ  resulted in scope for further collaboration at provincial scale in Province 1, while present mayors expressed commitment and call for assistance in building policy and programs of inclusive and sustainable urban intervention from civil society. The session also helped mobilize local youth groups and community members to work further in collaboration.

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