Digo Bikas Institute has initiated ” Building Back Better Nepal with Solar Power” campaign to help earthquake devastated communities by providing solar energy for lighting and mobile charging facility. Support our campaign by donating in this link.


After the devastating Earthquake of 7.8 M in Nepal on 25 April 2015 and 7.2 M on 12 May 2015, massive relief and rebuilding efforts are underway by the Government of Nepal, various national and international agencies.

While most of the focus is in providing medical attention, food, water and shelter, providing energy access to the affected communities is equally important.

Nepal Electricity Authority estimated the cost of 10.86 billion Nepali Rupees for repairing power plants and distribution system. The Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), a government institution that promotes the renewable energy has made a preliminary estimate that 239 Micro Hydro Power plants (that provided decentralized renewable energy) are damaged with many completely shut down. This has left around 60,713 House Holds in 11 districts of Nepal without access to electricity. Many more devastated communities never had have access to any electricity services.

Your support will help provide solar lighting solutions, mobile charging facility and meet other basic electricity needs to the earthquake affected communities in rural areas of Nepal. This will help communities feel safe at night and stay connected.

All your support will go to cover the cost of buying Solar Panels, Solar powered lights, batteries, charging kit and components. We are partnering with Gham Power Nepal and Helambu Education Livelihood Programme ( Sindhupalchwok). Here is how you can support:

$20 provides 2 numbers of 2 W led light and 3 mobile charging ports.

$50 provides one family with solar lighting solution and charging facility for up to 5 mobile phones.

$100 provides three families with solar lighting solution and charging station for 10 mobile phones.

$200 provides six families with solar lighting solution and charging station for 20 mobile phones.

$500 provides 15 families with solar lighting solution and charging station for up to 100 mobile phones.

$1,500 provides 30 families with solar lighting solution and charging station for their phones.

$5,000 provides an entire village of around 100 homes with solar lights and charging station.

Digo Bikas Institute on behalf of the Earthquake Action Nepal and in collaboration with Gham Power Nepal and Helambu Education and Livelihood Program (HELP) provided with community solar facility in two communities (Gunsa and Ichok) of Sindhupalchowk District within the first week of the earthquake. Help us reach out to more communities. Earthquake Action Nepal group which Digo Bikas Institute is coordinating. Since the second day of 25th April earthquake group has already provided relief materials (food, tarpaulins, medical supplies and sanitation kits) to over 1500 households in 5 heavily affected districts.

The fund raised will ensure solar powered energy services target to power communities with clean energy to operate mills, lighting and phone charging facilities at community and health post. We aim to reach out to the places where transmission lines have not reached yet, and also to the VDCs where transmission lines have reached but take several months to get back to normalcy in terms of access to electricity devastated by the earthquake.

Please support us generously. We will report back regularly on progress and future needs.

Many thanks.

Digo Bikas Institute

PS: Given the already existing energy security problems escalated by the earthquake, we aim to work in order to demonstrate that solar is a powerful solution in emergencies and is a long-term solution to energy security and climate change. Going beyond the quick relief work and paying attention to the longer term reconstruction work, DBI believes, clean energy plays an instrumental role in shaping the future pathways of Nepal in low carbon development and rebuild clean powered future. Therefore, in order to help Nepal rise from the rubble, DBI is prepared to take this opportunity amid the devastation to instill hope for the better future of the country.


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