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Abhishek Shrestha is a Chevening Scholar who graduated in Masters in Climate Change and policy from University of Sussex, UK in 2013. He received “Climate Change Award” in 2017 from Government of Nepal for his work on Climate Change Policy and Advocacy. He has decade-long experience working as a researcher, campaigner, policy analyst and strategic communicator at a national and international level on climate change and environmental governance. He has been awarded as “JWH Initiative Environment leadership Award 2017.

He leads Disaster and Climate Change Adaptation Program in Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC) He follows UN Climate Negotiation closely and has been participating since 2009, COP 15, Denmark and working with diverse national and international climate groups since 2008. He has worked as Contributing Author for Government of Nepal publication on “ Key Issues for Nepal at different UN Climate Conference meetings and member of Government delegation at UN Climate Conference in Bonn 2017 (COP 23).

He was elected to Serve as YOUNGO Focal Point from Global South for 2012-2013 (YOUNGO- Youth constituency at UNFCCC to ensure positive and constructive participation of the international youth in the UNFCCC official process and is a British Council International Climate Champion.

He has traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America to attend UN climate change conference and been invited to different national and international forums to speak on climate change policy, Green Climate Fund, and experience as a Climate Activist

Nipun Regmi is a renewable expert who has been working on solar energy project development and implementation since 2009. He has shown exemplary leadership in the issue of energy and sustainability. He has led the team of solar experts to design and implement projects pertaining to Nepal’s present energy scenario. He has worked on mitigating climate change by probing renewable energy sources by promoting and encouraging the use of sustainable energy which led to a direct impact on the livelihood of vulnerable communities in remote settings of Nepal.  He have workd with SIPRADI and Gham Power providing his expertise in solar system design, installation, its’ feasibility study and its impact on communities.

Jony Mainaly is a practicing lawyer based in Kathmandu. Ms. Mainaly concentrates her practice on environmental, human rights law research and litigation where she has represented public interest litigations in the Supreme Court of Nepal.  She was the Theme leader on Gender issue for the preparation of National Adaptation Plans (NAP) of Nepal. She has convened a national level Climate Lawyer Moot Court Competition which is a first of its kind in climate change and environmental law in Nepal.

Since 2010, Ms. Mainaly is following Conference of parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations held in different countries annually.  She also serves as a member of Environmental Law Committee in the Patan Appellate Bar Association. She has been awarded an International Climate Champion Award from the British Council Nepal, 2010 and is a Fulbright Scholar 2013-14.

Ms. Mainaly holds an LL.M. degree with Environmental Law Certificate from the Duke University School of Law as a Fulbright Scholar. Earlier she completed her LL.B. from Kathmandu School of Law, Purwanchal University. She leverages her experience and research in climate change law/policy, environmental and human rights law and policy where she has authored different publications in the area.

Sunil Acharya has decade-long experience of research, policy analysis and practice of climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation, climate finance and governance, the political economy of low carbon and climate resilience development, international climate change negotiations, and renewable energy policy. He has led the civil society engagement in influencing climate change policy formulation in Nepal.

Sunil Acharya is working as the Project Manager with Practical Action South Asia. He leads the Nepal programme of DFID funded Action on Climate Today initiative. His current work involves building the capacity of government and policymakers to integrate climate change adaptation into national, sectoral and subnational policies and programmes.

Shail Shrestha promotes non-motorized urban mobility in Nepal. In 2009, he along with his colleagues from Kathmandu University started ‘KCC 2020’, a campaign to make Kathmandu a cycling city by 2020.

Shail co-founded Cycle City Network Nepal, a youth network dedicated to improve the quality of the environment and contribute to a healthy lifestyle by promoting the use of the bicycle. A graduate in media studies, he runs Chhapro-ma Studios. Shail is currently researching on and advocating for ‘Car Free Cities’ as the modal of sustainable urbanization. He also has a keen interest in alter-globalization and localization movement.

Saunak Bhatta is Believer in the power of Creativity, Leadership, Passionate living and Sustainable Education, Saunak Bhatta, is a dynamic motivational speaker, campaigner, personal development coach, and trainer.
He is the Executive Director of We Inspire Nepal (WIN), through which he has been introducing an inspirational culture throughout the nation. His motivational portfolio and training experiences have outreached over eight countries across Asia and Europe. Along with the conduction of biggest motivational seminar of Nepal and many other houseful shows, his inspiring words has been spread among National Cricket Team of Nepal, Political groups, Corporate leaders, Students, Principals, Psychologically vulnerable communities, Educational Leaders and other diverse stakeholders.
Saunak is IVLP Alumni and is the initiator of over dozens of attitude transformational innovative programs. He has also been awarded as British Council’s International Climate Champion of 2010, has been a member of Youth Advisory Council of US Embassy. He has also worked as Nepal’s Representative for International Youth Council for Dance4life International and is also Winner of Global Inspirational Voices Award out of 60 countries worldwide.

Avinash Jha is working as Education and Fellowship Director at United World School Nepal. He leads a unique parallel career as a community organizer and an engineer. With a professional & academic focus on programs and policies to promote youth innovation and community resilience, Avinash has more than five years of experience in Community Leadership and a social enterprise working in youth, sustainable development and technology spheres. He holds experience in piloting Information, Communication, and Technology for farmers to accelerate livelihood in rural parts in Nepal.

He has profoundly developed an intrinsic interest in ICT and its sustainable management with community participation at its core. Moreover, he is a member of the US-Embassy Youth Council 2013 and currently leading a project titled “ICT for Agriculture”. ICT For Agriculture has already been proved as one of the most promising concepts in Nepal by winning several prestigious national and international competitions. It was selected as the winner of Ncell App Camp 2014, ICT for Mountain Development Award, and REC@NNECT Challenge 2014. In addition, he also consults at Institute of Solar Technology India as an International Adviser for its “Solar Training Programs”. He has traveled extensively to different parts of Nepal.

Avinash is IVLP Alumni and received his Bachelor of Technology degree from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, India with a full scholarship from Nepal Aid Fund Scholarship Program of Indian Government.