1. Rethinking Development

The Rethinking Development focus area of DBI works on research and advocacy to bring forward concepts, frameworks, policies, processes, technologies and practical activities those promote ecological sustainability, economic justice, and social prosperity.

2. Climate Justice

Solving the climate crisis requires a systemic transformation of our society and economy. DBI promotes real solutions and alternatives based on the ideas and experience from communities at the forefront of the climate change. Our work on climate justice program involves policy analysis, advocacy, outreach and networking with like-minded organizations and individuals at the national and international level.

3. Sustainability Watch

The vision of modernization and development propagated and implemented by political, bureaucratic and technocratic establishment impact people’s livelihood and environment. As the country has entered into new federal governance system, a number of environmental regulatory provisions are being revised or amended. In this context, DBI’s work around sustainability watch the monitor and track the enforcement of environmental regulatory regime and progress (or the lack) of policies and plans related to sustainable development in Nepal.

4. Sustainability Education

Through sustainability education, DBI provides space for creation and sharing of knowledge that incorporates issues of ecological sustainability and social equity. Through awareness, education, and training, DBI helps people understand that environment and development are inseparable and that ecological devastation brings inequality and injustice.