Contract Duration:   22nd February 2020- 20th May 2020

Position:                     Research Officer

Place:                          Kathmandu, Nepal


Title of Research: “Role of Women Cooperatives in Building Climate Resilience and Mainstreaming Women Cooperatives in Climate Finance in Nepal.”


Digo Bikas Institute (DBI) and Nari Chetna Kendra organized five different workshops on Climate Change (CC), Climate Change and Gender, and Women Cooperatives in May -June 2019. More than 200 women leaders from 27 women led cooperatives of Bhakundebesi, Banepa, Chalal, Panchkhal and Panauti Municipality participated in the workshop. Each workshop had thematic session and participatory discussion on science of climate change, climate perception and sharing of experiences on secondary consequences, i.e. drying water sources, losses on agricultural production and productivity and increased drudgery to women. In addition, workshop had different special session on cooperative to discuss on financial lending process, areas of investment and access of vulnerable and poor women on micro-finance. However, during the workshop, some pressing issues raised on financing of women led cooperative on reducing climate vulnerability were unclear and poorly identified. This study therefore is to systematically collect empirical evidence from representative households and bring qualitative insights from focused discussion and interview with key resource persons.

Digo Bikas Institute and Consortium for Land Research and Policy Dialogue (COLARP) jointly initiated to conduct this study in most climate prone area to find out role of women led cooperative in climate change adaptation and resilience. We assume that with the approach of participation and reflect, research participants will be aware and learn about climate change consequences and flow of micro finance to reduce their vulnerability. This will enhance their climate change understanding,  empower women farmers and support  gender mainstreaming climate finance in local level. While working as a nodal person in minimal support of DBI Program Head and Team Leader of COLARP, Research Officer is expected to lead the research related activities and ensure timely execution of data collection and analysis and report writing.


Research officer will act as the nodal person of the project and contribute all stages of research and studies. She/he will receive instructions from Team Leader of COLARP and Digo Bikas Institute, and will be required to undertake the following activities: –

  • Organize collection, storing and review of literature on climate vulnerability and climate finance and role of women led cooperative in reducing climate vulnerability
  • Review of database on the state-of-the-art information on practices of climate finance in local level and produce a bibliography in Endnote
  • Prepare literature review notes of selected literature
  • Prepare and elaborate methodological instruments, tools and techniques and share with the team
  • Support to enumerators training, facilitate household survey
  • Conduct key informant interviews
  • Prepare short case list of cooperative and vulnerable households
  • Analyze data using qualitative, quantitative, and graphical techniques
  • Write analytical papers and policy briefs based on the research findings.
  • Organize the collection of photos and videos
  • Contribute to the analysis of data and report writing
  • Any other task assigned by the Team leader

Place of Assignment: Partial placement at Digo Bikas Institute and COLARP

Duration: Three-month period with possible extension subject to available resources

Estimated Dates:       22nd February- 20th May 2020

Required Qualifications:

Education: BSc. In Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Social Sciences.  MSc is a plus.

Required Experience: Minimum 2 years of relevant experience (research, data analysis etc.) and experience of conducting social research

Other Qualifications:

  • Develop mixed method research design
  • Quantitative and statistical data analysis, including of large existing data sets, using Excel and/or SPSS
  • Conducting and organizing qualitative data collection
  • Experience of conducting qualitative analysis using Excel, Word and/or NVivo
  • Experience of having conducted robust desktop research and knowledge of a range of Methodologies for doing this
  • Evidence of ability to grasp complex concepts and debates quickly and to engage with these effectively through research
  • Evidence of having worked in-group settings and / or as part of a cross-organizational or inter-organizational team
  • Ability to communicate effectively – in writing and in person – about research findings to a range of audiences
  • Evidence of having delivered or contributed to the delivery of high-quality social research outputs Prior experience – desirable
  • Able to lead work packages and deliver work in different areas on time
  • Experience of having designed and conducted participatory research
  • Experience of research with people from a range of backgrounds, including from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Experience or understanding of ethnographic methods


Please send your application letter indicating the applied position in the Title with updated Resume, no later than 14th February 2020 to: info@digobikas.org

This work needs to be started in a week time so applicants (if selected) are requested to be prepared to start the work in one week time.

Only selected candidates will be notified.