Digo Bikas Institute (DBI) wants to promote sustainable energy and advocates for open public space. In order to promote and showcase how the current city rickshaw charging process can be changed from individual charging ports at rider’s home to a charging station at various selected places in Biratnagar where more than 1 city rickshaw can charge their batteries while waiting for their customer at a shade made by solar PV roofing. This will build up their travel capacity range per day and decrease their operation cost.  Also, the selection of space must be considered with few things like no shading issue for the solar PV modules and Chowks/ roundabouts of certain areas where the space is public and could be further built into open public space as well. This project report will be shared with Biratnagar Municipality and ward offices and used as a reference document to promote such activities and projects in other parts of the country. The scope of public space elements in their stations, to encourage social life and outdoor activity in the region is also an interest of the study. Public space will ensure safe community-based activity and outdoor space for youths and other residents in the area.

Interested candidates may send their Resume and Cover letter by 25th August 2020 to (info@digobikas.org)

Pic Credit: Abhishek Joshi

TOR- Survey Consultant

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