By Yushika Subedi

Ever-wondering cute little eyebrows raised whenever clouds rushed above her head. Hustling clouds in the zenith were tired trying to resonate with the intense and yet deep energy that 7 years old dispersed to nature. Nothing compared to the positivity that this happy heart exchanged. In other words, she was nature’s favorite and so nature was. Had she known there’s anything like working for nature at 7, no doubt about she molding herself to a sweet child employee.

They say, “A child with dreams become a woman with a vision.” Maybe! After meeting few leaders, my soft corner for nature started getting the shape. The initial blessing to working for nature began after getting enrolled in NYCA-Lamjung. That regret of unknowing the deadline of the application form and waiting a year leaving all chances to become a member of other organizations just for NYCA-Lamjung was challenging. Meeting all beautiful people working across the nation for the environment is life-changing. I feel beautiful being someone holding a place as someone working for something on a global level. Meeting innocent kids during school-campaigns and revealing their nature’s facts left those souls content. And more beautiful seeing them wave with the word “Come again” from them. Wings started its flight after being a participant of climate convergence to the organizer. The journey from the district level to the national level was a teacher.

Losing bet with one of my colleagues after reaching late at Sap falcha, an event house in the capital cost me a chocolate I am yet to pay! Sap falcha resembled an amazing fusion of tradition and modern housings. As a student of agriculture, the floral makeup of the garden caught my sight. Trying to remember the name of the flower we studied, I entered the door. Everyone was busy with work when I reached. We, then, pasted posters and arts and after roaming in the hall for a little while and then sessions started. The first session was about the paradigm of Nepal Government. As machines and innovation lover, I enjoyed the second agri-engineering session of NCC. As a culture lover, the third heritage session was a fun-learning. It was amazing to know that the base of some astounding creations of today’s’ world were traditional principles used for years.  Sessions after sessions including knowledge of climate modeling, sustainable cities etc continued until a tea break. Afterward, we proceeded towards Nagarkot by bus. Sharing some lasting memories with the participants and laughter after getting lost half-way in the middle (haha) and finally reaching Nagarkot had left us tired and sleepy. I can recognize even the slightest touch of air of Kathmandu. The outskirts less accompanied by the hustle and bustle had added a jewel to my golden place. Kathmandu, less known for its rich cultural heritage and more dust makes me realize how amazing we are at hiding positivity even with slightest of negative aspect be it about any place or person. However, I know the traditionally sound side of Kathmandu, moralities and discipline my place holds and no doubt it always matters of pride being brought up with a wide range of elegant people and an incredible atmosphere. The more I talk, the more I miss my paradise.

I fell asleep too quick that day and the next day everyone woke up late. Dai was angry a little bit later on apologized for being rude. Haha! It was not his fault at all. Our mentors are more like friends and less like teachers and its like we have a huge climate family. Sessions with climate family, the second day, began nearly at 9 am. Got to know about climate finance and international role of Nepal, capitalism, efforts of climate change and adaptation, disaster risk management, and many more topics. The session break included the game of trust fall. It was fun watching people lift and dive on the ground. The aiseuli and kafal made my day. Got to have a brief discussion with Mayor of Changu Narayan Municipality. We went to dining hall afterwards and after food, we rushed again to the sessions.

We played mafia that night. And words aren’t enough to explain how fun time we always have playing it, especially with the climate team.

Coming to the third day, after having the delicacy in the dinning from where the amazing view could be witnessed, we went to the hall. That day we came across the information about climate finance in Nepal, campaigns launched till date, total successful and non-successful campaigns, ways of undertaking leadership and organizing action and campaigns along with power mapping and related activities.

Actually, that day we were given the task of resource planning. Our group was less well-acquainted with what is to be done and hurriedly, we managed everything. We were a little confused when dai told everything was okay. But great. The night was filled with happy music loving faces with barbeque beside.

The fourth day was the last day when everyone gathered together to share their experiences of working for CC in various zones of Nepal.

Then, we rushed back to our places remarking the perfect memories we cherished. I reached home and saw my mother waiting for me. The best feeling came after reaching home and falling asleep as soon as lying on the sofa.

This blog post is from Yushika Subida, who was the participants of Lamjung Climate Convergence and Nepal Climate Convergence.


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