What is your view of a developed city? A city with wide roads full of cars! Your are wrong.

A sustainable city can do away with cars. This has been evidenced by growing ‘Car Free Cities’ movement all over the world.

In the wake of planetary emergency brought about by climate change, we need to seriously re-think how we design our cities. Transport sector contributes to about 23% of global green house emission which is heating the planet at an unprecedented speed. Car-centric cities require massive infrastructure and energy costs which come with huge economic, environment and social cost.

Removing cars from cities means investing in efficient public transport, planning of settlements such that there is more social space, services and amenities are available at short walking or cycling distance, and many more innovations.

Still wondering how that is possible? Watch this excellent film, ‘Recovering from Disruption: A Comprehensive Approach to Building a Better, More Sustainable World‘.


The 53 minutes film discusses problems caused by cars and motorcycles, explains why they should be removed from cities and suggests practical changes for both immediate and long-term actions.

[Disclaimer: Digo Bikas Institute is the official partner of the film.]

Cover Image: 2014 Bansidhar Sainju, carfree.com

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